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The McQuesten (sometimes referred to as "the Weathorford07") is an obscure sexual act performed between two men with its roots in Tenessee and more recently, Ohio. The act itself, which involves the use of motor oil and restraints, consists of three (3) main elements:
Step 1: The submissive partner's hands and feet must be bound behind his back in a criss-cross pattern.
Step 2: The unrestrained participant then proceeds to give the restrained man an enema with the desired amount of motor oil.
Step 3: Anal sex may or may not be performed before the motor oil is removed from the anus via a straw or other device by the unrestrained participant.
This act is frowned upon by many independant religions and cults. The most severely dissaproving group are those who follow a faith known as Muckology, where anyone found engaging in such an act is expelled from the community immediately.
I heard someone was kicked out for doing a McQuesten a few years ago.
by Chras Tapping January 09, 2008
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