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1.the most awesome one person (or group)could ever be Island in Eastern Canada
1."that kid is such a McNutt"
by failure2_comply June 28, 2007
The process in which a man busts a nut (ejaculates) upon a females face inside the restroom of a local McDonald's.
My girlfriend wanted extra sauce, so I took her to the bathroom and gave her a McNutt.
by The King13 February 26, 2008
The act of ejaculating into the mouth of the inbred, white trash whore who is sucking you off underneath the table at McDonalds.
That skank Melissa has got to be the queen of the McNutt. Damn man, she sucks more than a Dyson. In fact, she should have "Billions And Billions Served" tattooed on her upper lip.
by 23rd Chromosome November 14, 2015
When a fed up McDonald's employee ejaculates on a piece of fine McDonald's cuisine.
Yo man I think that employee just McNutted on my sandwich.
by Pro-Payne November 26, 2015

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