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1. Noun - The semen one would shoot out in a McDonald's Bathroom or on/in a McDonalds employee.

2. Verb - The act of shooting semen in a McDonalds bathroom or on/in a McDonald's employee.
I shot my McNut in her Mcface and it was McAwesome! Too bad it was on camera and she got fired.

Damn, Holly, I'm bouts to Mcnut all over your face and your shitty Iggy Pop hairdo!
by MooseyMoose September 08, 2006
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1. semen that is swallowed following a blowjob

2. fucking at McDonalds.
1. Bitch, how'd you like that McNut? You swallowed the whole thing. You musta been really hungry.

2. Male: Ho, I'm gonna McNut inside you and McCrush you on this playhouse.
Female: O ya baby fuck my McPussy til I McCum
Ronald McDonald: Can I join this McNutting?
by The NutCrusher December 19, 2009
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First you must go into McDonalds and order a double big mac. Then you go into the bathroom with your burger and masturbate until you are about to cum. Then you put you dick in the hamburger and walk out into the dinning area with your hamburger on a tray at dick level. Finally you find a person sitting down and ask if they want mayo. Regardless of their answer you pull the hamburger and cum all over their face.
Tyler: Wanna McNut on some people at McDonalds

Kyle: Yeah, but we gotta get out of there fast
by Normiemaster1717 May 05, 2017
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