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Describes most new-construction neighborhoods or subdevelopments, characterized by cookie-cutter clone-homes and a morass of winding, interconnected, dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs, most of which have essentially the same name: Place del Gato, El Gato Lane, El Gato Drive, Campo de Gato Avenue, etc.

Note: Always be sure to carry water when entering a McNeighborhood as it may be a while before you find your way back out.
Jake: I'm so fucking annoyed.

John: What's up?

Jake: I just wasted two hours looking for take-out.

John: Slow day on the Net, huh?

Jake: No, I hooked up there right off the bat, but then drove around for an hour looking for the damn house and never found it.

John: Fucking McNeighborhoods!

Jake: Fucking Cabeza-del-Gato-Stravenue-bottom-bois!
by JohnnyAZ May 10, 2006
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