The act of one male getting a blow job from another male and believing that just because you have your eyes closed it is not gay.
Trevor got himself some McLovin in the alley behind the gay bar, then went home to his girlfriend thinking he was straight as an arrow.
by Galvanize1 April 21, 2010
a huge act of flagellatory self Gratification accidentally performed in front of a female colleague.
"I thought the office door was locked but Morag came in as I was half through McLovin myself with a handful of brylcreem"
by fastfreddy November 20, 2009
Kevin Delie
Ho:"Hey who is THAT? He is damn hot!"

Female greek: "That's McLovin.."

Ho: "That's his name??"

Female greek: "Nah, his name is Kevin, but people call him McLovin."

Ho: "Why?"

Female greek: "It's kind of a known fact that he's a champ in bed."
by female greek October 31, 2008
1. describes people who "have a lot to love" about them.

2. another term for fat, obese people
3. people who eat at McDonalds frequently
Why do I attract all the McLovin people?
by phippyphip July 08, 2010
A character from the movie superbad but it can also describe some one who is reall cool or good with the ladies
1) wow look how he drives that car! MCLOVIN!

2) Dude, look at that guy with 20 chicks, waht a mclovin!
by ufc2k9 February 18, 2009
Getting it on in a Mc Donald's drive-thru.
Mmm, dang. Scotty gave me some mc lovin last night while we waited for our Big Macs.
by Kate[astrophy] July 14, 2008
A white dude who likes to have sex with his mother. Usually gay or nerdish, likes mac and cheese too. Lolz
Mc Lovin' is very harsh
by WEEEEEEEEinyourpants April 08, 2009

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