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McKayla (commonly used as a girls name)
Definition: McKayla means "One who is like God"
You could describe McKayla as an angel.
She is sweet, considerate, beautiful, enchanting eyes, and just golden with every movement she makes or word she says.

McKayla is charismatic, and can easily be friends with anyone. She has a quick wit, and can make even the most stubborn people laugh.
She's amazing...I'll bet you $5 her name is McKayla!
by Mynameisprettyneato November 14, 2011
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One who has a nicely rounded ass. One you could definitely fall in love with. A girl with an awesome personality and one you don't want to get mad. Beautiful and the softest lips. One you want to meet and get with.
damn McKayla i'm lovin those thighs better yet those eyes and you know your killin me with that ass of yours.
by poopface asshole buttwhipe December 10, 2009
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A woman of satanic origin. Easily identified by spiked horns, cloven hooves, and red tail. However, often disguises herself as a young adult woman with brown hair. Common characteristics include activism, studying, and losing small trinkets such as cell phone or car keys frequently. To ward off expose to tomatoes, onions, holy water, or a cross (much like the related Vampire). If in cloak mode, coax into natural state with alcoholic beverage. Preferably Calico Jack.
"Met a McKayla at the party last night. I had to douse her in Nattie Ice and then throw tomatoes on her to banish her back to the underworld from whence she came. It was a real buzz kill."
by bakerfoil March 01, 2013
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Mckayla is a demon. She is usually very pretty, but a bitch. A complete and utter bitch. She is usually insanely thin, so flat chested that her breasts are almost inverted, has brown hair and freckles, and crooked teeth. Mckaylas should be avoided at all costs.
Girl one "that chick over there is a complete bitch!"
Girl two " I know right? I bet you she's a Mckayla"
Chick "hey, I'm, like, mckayla. You look weird like have you heard of showering, your hair is insane greasy."
Girl two "told you"
by October 20, 2014
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