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The (joke) act of shitting into one or more fast food containers, placing them neatly inside a fast food bag, and then passing if off as a bona fide meal to a friend.

For maximum gross-out effect, the prank involves numerous, reused containers, such as placing turds between real pieces of bread to look like hamburgers, placing diarrhea into a drink container, etc.
"When we made a burger run last Friday, Jimbo didn't pay his fair share, so this time, we surprised him by giving him a McGlumphy to eat!"
by Frankinmyrrh September 29, 2011
(noun/verb) when you fart, and poo comes out of your bum hole.
"aww man, i knew that fart would be a mcglumphy!!!" said the man as a turd rolled down his leg.
by mike June 11, 2004
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