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when you go to mcdonalds and order a hot 'n spicy and a double cheese burger from the dollar menu, you then place the meat of the hot 'n spicy in between the two meats of the double cheeseburger

there are two types: unprotected and protected

protected- where you also place the buns of the hot 'n spicy in between the double cheeseburger

unprotected- without the buns of the hot 'n spicy
someone: "i just had an awesome unprotected McGang Banger"
someone else: "mmm...delcious
by anywayz August 24, 2010
3 3
An entire McChicken sandwich, bun and all, inside of a McDouble sandwich.
The McGangBanger sandwich should look like this (from top to bottom): bottom half of McDouble bun, meat patty, piece of cheese, bottom half of McChicken bun, chicken patty, lettuce, mayo, top half of McChicken bun, meat patty, ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, top half of McDouble bun.
by Ronald E. McDonald January 21, 2009
66 36
Going to McDonalds and ordering a Mcdouble, a Chicken Sandwich, and a small fries. Take the chicken patty off the chicken sandwich and place it in between the patties of the Mcdouble. Put all the small fries in between the buns of the chicken sandwich and put sweet and sour sauce all over the fries sandwich(other sauces will work fine). Then eat the fries sandwich as your appetizer and the Mcdouble chicken sandwich last. This is how to get the most bang for your buck at McDonalds.
Yo bro im starving let's go get a McGang Banger
by BIG-EV September 26, 2010
4 3