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Ordered at Mcdonalds, A mcdouble and a hot and spicy placed on the same bun, called such because it has "two Macs and a chick".

Can be modified in several ways

1. Wet- add mayo(or place beef on chicken buns instead)

2. Protected/unprotected- cheese or no

3. grass on the field- lettuce

4. Make it bloody- extra ketchup

orginated at texas a&m university around 2am. it is so good it will make you wonder why people add bacon instead of chicken. CAVEAT--- some places WILL throw you out if you order it as written
"i would like a "Mcgangbang" make it wet with grass on the field, no protection"- A double hamburger on a chicken bun, with mayo and lettuce no cheese.
by TAMU2014 November 08, 2010

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