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Major fucking bullshit, like the kind when u go into a McDonalds and stand in line for 30 minutes to get a milkshake
dude, i was driving down the interstate yesterday and all of the sudden my damn transmission falls out

Man that's some McBullshit
by Alexmcbullshit August 19, 2006
The food they serve at McDonalds that is not usually humanly consumable (except for the mustard and paper napkins).
Normal Dude: Dude did you hear Mike died from that McBullshit.

Other Normal Dude: Dude I know, RIP Mike.
by Corpicory January 22, 2007
The things that Senator John McCain says.
Does anyone believe that McBullshit?

Suddenly being a person for regulation of the economy. Suddenly try to appeal to conservatives during the Primary. Suddenly appoints Sarah Palin so he can play the gender card whenever he wants.
by Yabo September 25, 2008

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