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McBooty is the sexual act of buying a Big Mac from McDonalds. Then, while having a female or male ride on your penis. You pull apart the buns and press them against the butt cheeks of the female or male. Then, before ejaculating, ejaculate into the burger and make them eat it.
Man 1: Dude! Last night my girl finally tried the McBooty.
Man 2: How did she like it?
Man 1: She loved it!
by Indian-ana Jones December 01, 2012
Getting Some In A McDonalds
Yo I Went Out With My Girl Last Week and I Got Some McBooty
by HB Security March 23, 2011
When a person looks sexually attractive wearing their mcdonald's work outfit but not when they wear their normal clothes
No dude she just has a mcbooty
by FatalMistake May 30, 2011

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