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Balls that smell like Fastfood (i.e. Fries, Hamburger, or Milkshake). To verify the smell of your own McBalls, you can simply leave your hand on them for a while, and place your hand to your, or someone elses nose. However, best results may be achieved by directly smelling McBalls.
Would you rather like some McBalls?
#balls #frylock #master shake #meatwad #carl #mcballs #smell #hamburger #shake #fries #fast food
by Bobblesworth Von Spankleton III January 27, 2008
The biggest balla, shot calla out there. Straight out da hood. He is an MC part time, makes movies and pimps out anything the rest of the time.
"Holy Shit it's MC Ball!!! Lets go dry hump his leg because we envy him so much. O shit I peed becasue I'm so happy to be in MC Ball's presence."
by Big D Boi Holla Back February 23, 2005
Being drunk to the point of being blacked out. Busting girls heads open, fukin around with off bitches u never would sober, can't see or walk straight but you keep drinnking anyway...McBalls!
I am so McBalls right now!
#mcballs #drunk #tossed #hammered #faded
by McBallss December 08, 2008
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