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2 definitions by skullcrusherrrrr

1: Testicles presumed to be freckled and sporting a red goatee.

2: Nickname for a male ginger who could be expected to have said gingerballs.
1: "I put a picture of my gingerballs on dude's phone."

2: "Hey, did I tell you gingerballs put a picture of his smooth spot on my phone?"
by skullcrusherrrrr July 11, 2010
Derogatory term used to describe a disagreeable and effeminate heterosexual man whose sexuality may in fact be in question.
- "Man, I swear Calvin is gay."
- "What, Fag McBalls? Nah I'm pretty sure he's bangin' Tara."
by skullcrusherrrrr July 11, 2010