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mazza is the male, rear end, acting as a badonkadonk for a short period of time.
See, badonkadonk.
I am homosexual, and you have a very lovley mazza my man!
by Mensk88 January 03, 2005
31 49
When something is "a madness". As in crazy, and can be in a good or bad way. Abbreviated way of saying madness!
"Mate! they even had strippers there!! I'm telling you last night was a mazza!!"
"She was getting angry and screaming and stuff, it was a mazza mate I had to leave"
by BougieCrew April 22, 2013
44 6
The best thing on the internet. Slick, occasionally silver-tongued rogue. Apparently very good-looking in real life.
Sure, he's hot, but he's got nothing on mazza!
by Carmen Electra February 10, 2005
96 74
A nickname for Marilyn Manson you see sometimes on the internet.
Mazza and Twiggles are so together!
by mazzafan February 23, 2008
24 21
Not holding up to a meeting or a date.
Someone says, "I'll see you at 4:00PM," and then they don't show up.

He pulled a Mazza on us again!
by Jrock12345 December 23, 2009
17 17
Slang term for Marijuana.
You got the cigs and mazza?
by jakeyzee January 08, 2009
33 34
Australian slang for masturbation.
Guy 1: Im so wound up!
Guy 2: Go Mazza man!
by Vicdriz & Brea April 13, 2008
31 33
Something extremely silly, a very silly person who always says silly thing things, like calling a mixing desk a calculator!
I thought it was a calculator!
by NasFlash February 10, 2005
37 52