A nickname for Marilyn Manson you see sometimes on the internet.
Mazza and Twiggles are so together!
by mazzafan February 23, 2008
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When something is "a madness". As in crazy, and can be in a good or bad way. Abbreviated way of saying madness!
"Mate! they even had strippers there!! I'm telling you last night was a mazza!!"
"She was getting angry and screaming and stuff, it was a mazza mate I had to leave"
by BougieCrew April 22, 2013
The best thing on the internet. Slick, occasionally silver-tongued rogue. Apparently very good-looking in real life.
Sure, he's hot, but he's got nothing on mazza!
by Carmen Electra February 10, 2005
Not holding up to a meeting or a date.
Someone says, "I'll see you at 4:00PM," and then they don't show up.

He pulled a Mazza on us again!
by Jrock12345 December 23, 2009
Slang term for Marijuana.
You got the cigs and mazza?
by jakeyzee January 08, 2009
Australian slang for masturbation.
Guy 1: Im so wound up!
Guy 2: Go Mazza man!
by Vicdriz & Brea April 13, 2008
Something extremely silly, a very silly person who always says silly thing things, like calling a mixing desk a calculator!
I thought it was a calculator!
by NasFlash February 10, 2005

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