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not to be confused with mazon, Mazon (witha capital M) refers to surperiority and total sexyness. One may be a "Mazon" if one is an original pimp or just a natural-born genious.
Eli: O snap, how are you so sexy and get all the girls?
Mazon: Because i'm a Mazon.
Eli: Damn, so you mean the Enzyte i take wont do anything?
Mazon: Nope. =)
by Mike March 29, 2005
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A person being of mexican african chinese puerto rican and indian culture.
Dude that kids looks mexican african chinese puerto rican and indian thats just a Mazon
by Juggernaut151 April 27, 2009
Mazon is another word for muscular homosexual.
Mike:yo himo lets go to the gym and look for some mazons
Himo:Okay let me grab my 20 pounders and my KY Jelly.
by KrYpTz March 29, 2005

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