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Mayoye people are so scrumptious and super idly! Mayoyes are creatures that live in the paradise of Sjcjensta, a faraway island in the country of Ugoslavia. They are great people to be with that offer great oral conversations and make delicious jam pudding on a chocolate cake! We love Mayoyes! They are talented in karate, water dancing, and arts and crafts! The only weird thing about them is that theyre a smiggle bit patheetick...
You are such a Mayoye!

Wow! You BAKE like a Mayoye!
by AMOOOOO! April 19, 2010
Mayoye is mostly known as the most beautiful person in her hometown. She is adorded by everyone at her school and she is the most trustworthy person. Mayoye also is a sex godess.
Person 1: Man have you met Mayoye?
Person 2: Yeah. She is so beautiful and nice.
Person 1: I want to met more Mayoye's
by Natalia Nova January 01, 2010
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