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1. Another word for penis

2. The tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.

3. A body organ used for urination, sexual pleasure, and for making important life decisions.

4. If you're a man- it's that thing between your legs. If you're a woman, it's that thing that should be between your legs. Basically, a long shaft connected to a set of dangly balls that provides pleasure through friction.A pleasure making machine for both sexes.
Boyfriend : *Caresses girlfriend's ass* Those buns just look so tight in that miniskirt.

Girlfriend :*Blushes* is that your Mayonnaise maker rubbing against my buns ?

Boyfriend : *Hugs her from the back and kisses her neck while caressing her slender waist* Buns are better with Mayonnaise.

Girlfriend : *Turns around kisses his lips and whispers* I am not wearing any panties and i want your Mayonnaise inside me.

*She opens her legs, sits up & unzips his pants, & lifts herself higher above his dick & just slowly sinks herself onto his throbbing cock & starts pumping back & forth real hard & fast*

Boyfriend:*Begins to moan and hum until a point that he cannot hold himself back. He hugs her tightly and cums into her with his mayonnaise maker* Wow, you really know how to milk my meat down !
by Cupcke27 October 30, 2011
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