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A true Spartan who loves EBME 101. The most gorgeous man on this planet who doesnt even need to be a good student because he is so good looking, but he is. He left Jennifer Aniston to be with Molly because he realized that she is much better looking and that she would give him the children Jennifer would not. He is so amazing and wonderful and I heart him.

-Jennifer Anniston
Mayank left Jennifer Aniston for Molly and now they are getting married and will make beautiful children.
by sexybeast123re75439879867 August 30, 2010
A highly seductive person that can just stand next to you and you'd be begging him to talk to you. He is super frat. When he walks down the street everybody stops and stares.
Woaaah that guy is a total mayank
by capris16 May 21, 2014
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