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A girl often very unconventional. Even her name is spelt odd. These girls are very rare and a gem. She is usually exotic or unconventionally beautiful. They seem odd at first and you probably won't meet a girl like her before.

Maya's are very mysterious because they're so different. When you get to know them better, they're super cool and chill.

They aren't like other girls. They like doing cool and different things. Like gaming, reading, beer drinking, party games and they can be rebellious. They probably know anything about pop culture because they're so cool.

But be careful, but because they're so different and cool they have their downfall. They are smart, witty and stubborn. You gotta work for them.
friend: see that hot girl?

you: yeah?

friend: she beat me at beer pong and foosball

you: she must be a maya!
by burnnnn March 15, 2014
A violent and grumpy human being, who attacks other humans, ducks and squirrels
Oh, it must have been a Maya
by ilovetamagotchi13 May 25, 2011
She's ayt. Kinda hot. She only gets attention from guys when she's getting low on the dance floor. Or if her tongue's out. Which is like all the time. But she is a nice girl at heart. She can be quite the beg sometimes, but her friends have learned to accept it. Her sense of humour makes up for everything though.
Bitch 1: Gurrrl, have you heard of that maya biatch?

Bitch 2: Yeaaah, her milkshake brings all the boys to da yard.

Bitch 1: What a slag

Bitch 2: I know right.
by AlooGobi123 December 23, 2012
A gorgeous girl with a hot ass and nice back. she usually hangs out with the wrong people and is very clingy. Likes to make big deals out of everything, can be called emo a lot.
She tends to think that her friends will always be there no matter what THEY are going through. She's fun and great in bed, but very depressing.
Damn Maya's sexy... I just wish she wasn't so fucking emo!
by SLavaLouise August 03, 2011
Mitch: All in favor of putting maya in the box say "i"
everyone: I!
by cellllliiii September 06, 2010
the name maya becomes of a polska name, based on a bi-polar woman
Milky: You know that chick Maya?

Juan: Yeah she went apeshit on me for not pking with her after i gave her flowers for valentines day..
by Juanxox February 27, 2010
A grown up mixed with a child. They like immagination and tend to like the oppisite sex in a FRIEND way more than the same sex.
See that girl over there with the blocks? She is a complete Maya!
by Rosaya May January 31, 2009