Maya means a little piece of paradise on Earth granted by God to the people as a reward for their hard work. Maya is perfect and any guy would be lucky to have such a girl.
Dude 1: hey bro whatsup with that girl?
Dude 2: oh that one? Thats a total maya man

Dude 1: you serious? I gotta talk to her those are rare man!
by Theooo January 26, 2015
The Native Americans who used to live in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and 5 states in Southern Mexico.
Most people who are from El Salvador are Mestizo which means they have Mayan and Spanish descendance.
by Mayan June 16, 2005
maya is an amazing girl. she is willing to be anybodys and she is very outgoing and popular. Mayas are the best people to be friends with. They are also very intelligent, smart, and beautiful.
Wow! Maya is amazing!
by m7d8k9 February 09, 2015
Maya(Canadian Maya):

A typical canadian who ends almost ever sentence with 'eh?' Maya is also a magistically beautifull and gorgeous girl who would sweep any man off his feet. You gotta love Maya, I know I do. She is a dream girl, a girl certain men who love challenges want. She thinks it is all about herself. Maya loves to lead you on. And that is the quality you have to love about Canadian Maya.
Person: So how are you today my love?
Maya: I'm fine, what about you eh?
Person: I'm alright, your beautiful babe.
Maya: I know I am, love. eh..
by Asfi December 26, 2010
THE BEST FREAKING BEST FRIEND ON EARTH. Someone who is very close to you, whom you feel like you would have to be buried with if they died.
Mom: Hey, hun, where's your Maya?
Y/N: Oh, she's coming over soon. We're going shopping today.
Mom: Cool! I remember going to the mall with my Maya... ah, the good 'ol days.
by Hannah90 Banana90 June 08, 2013
Maya is a fucking badass, and so fucking sexy. She is insane and if Maya gets mad, she may end up hitting you with a chair because she gets a little crazy when she's mad, but once Maya calms down, Maya will be your best fucking friend. EVER. Sometimes If Maya's get a little crazy in a FUNNY way they start screaming and doing random shit that will make you laugh. Anyone would be considered incredibly lucky to have a Maya as a friend. Maya is beautiful, majestic creature, crazy, insane, lovable creature that you should hold onto and never let go. A Maya is an incredible singer with the most angelic voice you will ever hear, she is queen, she has an amazing body, and she is a goddess and makes up all the rules. She is extremely sassy and mostly attracted to older guys. Most Mayas have very low self-esteem and don't know what they can do and what they are really capable of. Like world domination. Maya's are real softies on the inside and just needs someone to talk to once in a while. Maya is the best and most amazingly amazing person you will ever find. Treasure them. Any guy will be lucky to date a Maya.
Amanda: Im in the worst mood right now...
James: Why?
Amanda: My boyfriend dumped me for my best friend...
James: Who, Maya?
Amanda: Yeah...

James: Well, did she say yes?
Amanda: No.. She slapped him and then started screaming at him about what an idiot he is for dumping me :)
James: Damn... Mayas a straight up savage. Maybe I should ask her out and see what happens ;)
Amanda: Maya is such a great friend..
James: I know right!
by Clara The Cat March 07, 2016
The best friend that will always be by your side. The one that will make you laugh. The brightness in the room. A Laci's best friend.
Maya is my best friend!!
by Laci_CountryGurl June 12, 2016
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