A maya is a person with a kind loving heart, she will always be there when you need her. Even if she seems she's mad, she's not, she loves everyone, but something that bad, she will remember. She doesn't gossip but won't tell a soul and she will obey people's opinions and thoughts never let a maya go because you will regret it
Maya will always be there.👌
by Snow pony October 11, 2014
A glorious person, generally with beautiful incredibly curly sex hair, this person generally has hazel eyes and is very nice, she is a good friend and is often mistaken for a goddess or a mermaid. Can possess magical powers.
Bob-Did you see that Maya?

Steve-Yeah, where did it come from?

Bob-I have no idea but it has incredible hair and is like a goddess.

Bob and Steve in Unison- Whoa... Va Va Va Voom. :)
by you can never know. <3 April 28, 2011
A type of octopus which spends most of its life sleeping. It grows long black hairand has the ability to shapeshift into a human. However it can only stay in human form for 21.93 hours at a time so if you have a friend with long black hair named maya who doesn't like sleepovers, you should watch her very carefully...
Hey maya! Want to come to my sleepover this weekend?

Uhhh... No thanks, I don't do we'll at other people's houses.
by Maya 1998 April 19, 2013
Mayas are beautiful, smart women who are always caring. Mayas don't like it when people are mad and always try to make them feel better. Mayas don't like to start drama.
Theo: I'm in love.

Henry: With who?

Theo: Maya, of course.
by lovemakestheworldgoround February 10, 2013
A Powerful Award-winning software for digital image creation, 3D animation, and visual effects. Used by major of the production houses.
Maya was used for special effects in LOTR
by j10 June 05, 2007
A super hot, amazing girl every guy wants. She is incredibly sexy and is often mistaken for a goddess. Mayas are often envied by other women because they are good at EVERYTHING. Any guy would be lucky to have a Maya. Not only because they are pleasing to the eyes, but because their personality is extraordinary. Mayas appear very happy and hide weakness well. Mayas are a friend to everyone. You will always find mayas outside, with a book, or cuddled up in bed. If you find a Maya, do not let her go because they are unforgettable!
Guy #1: Dude, I broke up with Maya yesterday.

Guy #2: What is wrong with you? You'll never find someone like her again!
by Kitty2345 March 09, 2015
Beautiful inside and out, funny, smart, always there for people and loved by everyone. Nothing but laughter, and complete bliss when maya is around and she knows how to make anyone smile regardless the mood or situation. Maya is easy to make friends with and definitely easy to to fall for. She is the full package
Jim: who is your favourite person?

Me: Maya.. duh :p
by a.k.a Mr. Congeniality February 17, 2015
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