A show that shows on Channel 11 from 9:00 to 11:00. This show is mostly about people trying to find they're baby's daddy. Most of the time, these are Black people or very obese white people. If they aren't busy harrasing people about their whoreness and taking lie detector tests, they:
-Dress men and women in lingerie and make the audience guess if they're men or women.
-Take a look at out of control teenager whores and send them to jail for a day where they break down and cry liek some pansy bitches.
-Make people confess secrets to their famiy members (i.e.: I burned down your house when I was 5 years old,I had sex with your boyfriend and I think (insert baby's name here) may be his,I am a prostitute and I am 10 weeks pregnant.).

It's a pretty enjoyable show.
Shaquaidah: Hey Misha, you ain't got no school today, whatchu gonna do?
Misha: I mite watch Maury and then go out and get some Chinese Food.
by Brooklyn We Go Hard We GO HArd February 18, 2009
Top Definition
A entertaining show that 98% of the time shows that the Human race is doomed.

"I'm so sorry. I had sex with your father 20 times and your brother 13 times during our marriage, and there is a chance you are not our babies daddy!"

"Today on Maury: Our 12 year old guests reveal to their parents they are prostitutes!"
by Meijer's! January 03, 2006
Show that consists of generally skanky women looking to test the 20th man they've had sex with, and assure everyone that they are 110% sure that it is INDEED that 20th man who fathered their 4th baby, only to run backstage screaming when it isn't.
Maury: Alright I'm here once again with Barbara, who is back for the 20th time to test who she thinks is the father of her baby!
Barbara: Maury, I am 110% sure that this man Chris is the father of my baby!
Maury: Well the results are in...For 3 month old baby Earl, Chris, you ARE NOT the father...
Woman: WHAT?! WHAT?! AHHHH BOOO HOOOO!! *runs backstage*
by Daniel.Druff January 17, 2008
The most brain-damaging show on the planet.
Paul: I just watched Maury, and now my brain's starting to melt!

Akoua: Ya I know.
by Akoua-san June 21, 2007
a show closely related to jerry springer except without the fat whores beating ppl down and he actually tries to help the people.
Maury is my new favorite show.
by fat bastard February 14, 2005
Television show that makes me sad knowing so many kids
have slut moms and unknown daddys :)
You are not the father
- Maury
by thenotoriousCYN_ May 06, 2008
A talk show, hosted by Maury Povich, which usually focuses on fat woman who cheated on their lovers with their own brothers, and they're not sure if their babies are theirs.
"Robert, you are NOT the father"
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
a tv show (regular:17 cable:04) that constantly features women trying to prove that the man they slept with is the father. This is usually the main layout of a typical

1. Woman says i know -insert name- is the father. I'm -insert outrageous percentage here- sure he's the father
2.The man typically says i am not the father. And starts calling the woman b--ch and s-ut.
3.Woman takes the stage once again, usually commenting that he has a tiny penis like the baby
4.paternity test results are revealed, guy is probably the father.
See, i've always wondered. you know in summer the ice cream truck is always on the street. if they handed out free condoms, the Maury would fall apart.
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