Maureen: noun: aka Moesha, aka Mo

A Maureen is a girl who is : a) a party girl b) is abrasive c) looks SO GOOD d) when she's drunk uses her hands a lot to dance (especially like a robot) e) says I (insert word here) all day, everyday, I don't give a fuck!
Hey look at that girl over there trying to do the sexy cactus, she can't do it like a Maureen would.

by NineThrirtyThrizzle1 April 01, 2009
Female name usually given to someone Irish or an Irish wanna-be. Most Maureens are smart, stubborn and memorable. A Maureen will leave you exhausted for days. You won't forget your first Maureen, ever.
"Hey dude, you look bad. Must've been with Maureen last night."
by Bostondude April 01, 2008
A beautiful, sarcastic, smart girl. Only rude when you are. Usually happy. Never fuck with her. She'll kick your ass. Likes to be alone. Only has a few close friends, but that's all she needs. Family-orientated.
Dude 1: Damn! I love my girlfriend.
Dude 2: What's her name again?
Dude 1: It's Maureen.
Dude 2: No wonder! lol
by HeeeeeellYeeeah January 07, 2012
girl with an ass like a bulldozer. rockin body, all around gorgeous girl.. she's def a keeper.
did you see that girl?

yeah that was maureen

oh damn look at dat ass
by samhein March 27, 2013
A wonderful girl who is beautiful and nice.. (sometimes). A Maureen is someone who you want to be your friend because she's nice and funny. Except when she doesn't share her pretzels with a Destiny. Other than that, A maureen is very awesome a person.
Ex #1
Girl: Hey, can I have some of your Snyder's Pretzels?
Girl 2: No!
Girl: Come onnn, dont be a Maureen.

Ex #2
Girl: Hey you are so nice you can almost be a Maureen.
Girl 2: Really?
Girl: Haa, Sike.
by Citrustootangy June 05, 2013
Maureen's are beautiful, athletic and funny girls who are amazingly easy to talk to and will understand anything you have to say. They can make you laugh no matter what! They super funny with bright personalities and they are always happy. Maureen's have beautiful blue/gray eyes, and silky dirty blonde hair.
by Swinginbaby February 03, 2014
n. euphamism for vulva
Wife: Stop touching my Maureen
Husband: Our Maureen don't you mean!
by beffen February 18, 2014
A beautiful, smart, and talented girl.
Girl 1: Maureen is so impressive
Girl 2: Yeah, I wish I was a Maureen.
by caligirl222 March 21, 2011

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