Half man, half aunt, was given an extra male chromosome or two at birth and has a mustache and/or massive sideburns as a result. Does not have to refer to an aunt, but it almost always refers to a family member.
"What does uncle Joe's new wife look like?"
"You haven't seen her? She's got a huge mustache. A total maunt, but don't tell him I said that."
#she-man #fugly woman #hairy lady #butch lady #troll
by Jack324 October 28, 2005
Top Definition
Man-aunt; An extremely masculine female with dark and unusually thick, course facial hair. An aunt who is not married, always wants kisses from young nieces/ nephews but raises many questions among family members regarding her actual gender.
Maunt Jo' is coming to Christmas dinner this year?
#aunt #shemale #tranny #masculinity #family
by LISW March 03, 2009
motherly aunt
I was so sad when I didn't have my mother but then my maunt looked after me.
#mother #aunt #family #relatives #guardian
by 'antha April 04, 2010
A woman who has assumed the role of Mother to her Niece or Nephew
I'm your Aunt. But I'm like a Mom so I'm your Maunt.
#funcle #aunt #uncle #dneice #snephew
by T-Sharp June 30, 2015
A woman who is married to and has children with her brother, making her a mother/aunt to her children.
"My Maunt said I can't go to my Funcle's house tonight."
#mom #aunt #funcle #cousbling #incest
by pixae May 06, 2015
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