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Man-aunt; An extremely masculine female with dark and unusually thick, course facial hair. An aunt who is not married, always wants kisses from young nieces/ nephews but raises many questions among family members regarding her actual gender.
Maunt Jo' is coming to Christmas dinner this year?
by LISW March 03, 2009
Half man, half aunt, was given an extra male chromosome or two at birth and has a mustache and/or massive sideburns as a result. Does not have to refer to an aunt, but it almost always refers to a family member.
"What does uncle Joe's new wife look like?"
"You haven't seen her? She's got a huge mustache. A total maunt, but don't tell him I said that."
by Jack324 October 28, 2005
motherly aunt
I was so sad when I didn't have my mother but then my maunt looked after me.
by 'antha April 04, 2010
A woman who has assumed the role of Mother to her Niece or Nephew
I'm your Aunt. But I'm like a Mom so I'm your Maunt.
by T-Sharp June 30, 2015
A woman who is married to and has children with her brother, making her a mother/aunt to her children.
"My Maunt said I can't go to my Funcle's house tonight."
by pixae May 06, 2015
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