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aka Spencer Reid on the hit show "Criminal Minds"

Played by Matthew Gray Gubler, Doctor Spencer Reid is a genius who graduated from a Las Vegas public high school at age 12. He is almost always introduced as Dr. Reid, even as the others are introduced as Agent 'blank' because Gideon knew people would not take him seriously because of his age, as well after an introduction he never shakes hands. It has been revealed that he holds PhD's in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering, BA;s in Psychology and Sociology, and is working on a BA in Philosophy. He claims to have an Eidetic memory, and hints that he could have a possible Schizophrenia since his mother has it. It is also hinted that he could have Autism, or rather Asperger Syndrome

Although his geeky persona, he is a sex god to
women who fantasize about him
i want Spencer Reed all over me

Matthew Gray Gubler is such a hot piece of ass
by *cough*slut*cough* June 01, 2010
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