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pronounced: muh-ton

Deriving from the hebrew meaning 'gift of God'

Those men who earn the title of Matthan are as close to perfect as a man can possibly be. They excel in anything they attempt, they achieve greatness with the littlest of effort. They are extremely good looking, 'beautiful' you might say, in a masculine way. Their wits baffle the most intelligent, their wisdom challenges the most enlightened. But their natural humble nature keeps them from showing off their virtues arrogantly. The loins of all women burn with desire for a Matthan, however, they are very scarce and many spend a good part of their lives looking for one.
wow look at that Matthan I wish I could have a fraction of his amazing-ness

girl one: how was your date?

girl two: it was unreal, the greatest night of my entire life, like a dream... I think he might be a Matthan
by John Addams July 17, 2009
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the most youngest looking 20 year old in the world. he is infamous for his call lines such as 'yolo','sickunt', 'wet' and so on.
YOLO! said matt han
by isaac choi May 26, 2012

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