(1) (adj.) vilest, evilest, grossest, worst, etc. etc. could be used in terms for all derrogatory words.
ie: "This sucks matsuda.", "MATSUDA! #$%^" (to replace "Damn", "Fuck", "Shit", whatever your heart desires), "Ewww...looks so matsuda. *barf"

(2) (n.) one who is extremely bad, unliked, disgusting.
ie: "Man..that chick is UGLY. like, a freakin MATSUDA.", "I hate Matsudas!! They deserve to die."

Matsudaing: (v.)
To act extremely smartmouthed and annoying, laugh at your own jokes, wear disgusting hippie clothes, have no sense of parallel earing coordination, and pain unfortunate students in attempts to understand Matsuda (look above) ways of thinking on the subjects of CHEMISTRY.
(ie: "Matsudaing is the most boring way to waste your life, ever.", "One day, my friend was matsudaing, and was mobbed by a group of people because of its absurdness."
"THis one girl came to school matsudaing the ugliest clothes I've ever seen. And her earrings didn't match. wow."
more examples:

You are the ugliest piece of Matsuda I've ever seen talking matsudaing nonsense. Please, put a paper bag over your head and ducktape your mouth shut so that I never have to deal with you again.
by kira kim February 03, 2005
Top Definition
Coming from a character from the Anime series Death Note, a Matsuda is an endearingly inept individual who tries too hard at his job and ends up only making things worse. There are rare occasions when his impulsive behavior moves things forward, but these are far and few between. He is, however, the best at getting coffee for his co-workers.
Guy 1: How's the new guy doing?

Guy 2: I dunno, man, he's a real Matsuda.
by Astrocide October 17, 2010
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