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A different way to describe a mate. Combination of the word mate and the letters 'o' and 's'.
You're my favourite matos.
by Anon101222 February 09, 2013
means "to kill" in Spanish, also one of the best last names you could have
Senor Matos es mi vida.
by Nancy Mato July 10, 2008
The God of music and Expression
A brilliant arithmetician
A man who is better at everything than you probably are.
Everyone should strive to be like Mat-O
by sepukuartist October 14, 2008
The MiXX Master, Twan Duce, Juggalo, The ultimate KoRn fan, exactly like Fieldy in every way possible and oh so sexy
Matos is the Mutha-Fucking shit
by Fieldy snutz January 25, 2006
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