crazy motha fucka who really knows how to crank up a fiesta!!
she is a very big FAT LAZY!!! but loves to get frisk with those boys eh eh ;)
and is a very lloyal friend
boy-man uno: Wow i got hella frisky with a girl tonight
boy-man dos: Really? damn your luckY! she must be one hell of a Matisse
boy-uno: Oh ya i love those matisses
by megan tits December 28, 2010
Top Definition
The best friend u will ever have. Really pretty and great to talk to. Absolutly funny. Really good at dancing . And all round the best person u will ever meet in ur life
Guy 1:She is the best girl ever
Guy 2: must be a Matisse
by Josh lungi August 12, 2013
A super pretty Italian girl with long blonde hair. She might seem quiet, but she has a lot to say. She sounds really, really weird when she screams. She is also very nice, and awesome at ballet.
Cora: Isaac likes Matisse!
Matisse: yay?
by onelesslonleygirl<3JB! October 30, 2011
A great friend that you can always count on keeping your secrets. Dark brown hair, beautiful singing voice. Nerd-ish. Loves Sci-fi. Somewhat shy.
Guy 1: Are you friends with a Matisse?
Guy 2: Well duhh, I am Matisse, the ORIGINAL!
by IslandKit May 20, 2015

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