The results of rapidly pressing buttons on your calculator!
Bob - 'Hahah look, I'm playing with my calculator'
Bill- 'Wow, pressing buttons on it? Mathurbation!'
Bob - 'But it's so fun! :('
by theyellowasian June 04, 2011
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(n) The act of doing math and loving it.
After engaging in mutual mathurbation, Johnny and Sally walked away laughing with many equations in hand.
by MATHCAMP09 July 31, 2009
Rubbing your abacus until one blows his equations all over ones Pi.

of or relating to Mathematics
Although crippled by Lou Gehrigs disease, Professor Steven Hawkings is still able to stimulate his libido by a healthy dose of mathurbation.

by Chantel Flanery, Nick Zarvis January 29, 2008

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