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When a person is in the gym doing only bicep curls and calf raises, he is "Mathisoning". Other behaviors that can be interchanged with this verb include: yelling at a pizza man shirtless, struggling to interact with "bitch ass hoes" or punching a brick-wall after a missed jump-shot.
Example no. 1 =

Guy #1 - "One... two.. four... thirty six..."

Guy #2 - "What the fuck are you doing man? Quit Mathisoning and stop with the bicep curls. Go squat or something"

Example no. 2 =

Howard - "Dude what is that guy doing? That girl just slapped him across the face?" *points at a guy 30 feet away*

Johnny - "I don't know.. I guess the only way to describe it would be to say that he is Mathisoning.. I mean that bitch ass hoe really didn't want his tube-sock in her mouth"
by Doctor T98 August 06, 2013

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