Coolest last name on the face of the earth. Especially if your first name is James.
Mathews, man that's a cool last name! Perhaps the coolest ever!
by hibikus311 April 19, 2009
Top Definition
A very seductive and suave man who attracts foxy honeys. Known to make women orgasm with a wink. A monster in everything he does. A god in bed. Pops cherries with his sexy stare.
He is no Mathew
i saw Mathew
Mathew touched me
Mathew is so cool
i want to suck Mathew
i licked Mathew
by Big Black Brother July 10, 2008
Wonderful,a strong caring young man with a good head on his shoulders.Handsome,tall,all the girls want him for themselves.Mathews are never accidently conceived. Gift from God.
Mathew Niel
by omms February 02, 2010
Mathew is beautiful, kind, has more passion then one can imagine, he's a best friend, he gives the best hugs in the world. He's a fighter for what he loves, he will walk miles just to see his other half, and most of all he has the most beautiful smile in the world. The most beautiful person one can meet.
Mathew? Yeah, he's amazing.

Yeah, he'll always be the one.
by Vee94 December 26, 2011
A sweet sensitive guy, who has lots of friends. But only a few are his close ones. Mathew has deep eyes that are easy to get lost in. He stays with his girlfriend/the one he loves for long time periods. He tells the truth to protect people and their well being. He's cute and there's always more then one girl who wants him.
"Go ask Mathew he'll know!"
"Did you see Mathew and his girlfriend today? Awww" (:
by Kaitles July 04, 2011
He is handsome, intelligent, fun, funny, charming and sweet. He also has the most incredible eyes I have ever seen in my life, you can lose yourself in them, but he tends to be a jerk. Most of the time he thinks he's irresistable. I have known him for a while and denies it, ignorant and will probably ignore people that he doesnt like or is "obsessed with him" but i sill really like him xD
Mathew Aram xD...o_o
by hahaschica September 24, 2010
an incredibly gorgeous rugby player from Durham
mathew james tait(shotley bridge)
by alexis lane June 17, 2008
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