An impossible system time-consuming shit designed to form mental kidney stones
Man- "I'm going to need you to pick me up from the hospital after I pass mathematics today. The pain is unbearable..."
by Swoody January 24, 2010
often cold and misunderstood science of numbers applicable to the world; see math
The professor taught math to his students to help them engineer better computers.
by cp October 04, 2003
another gangster way to say phone number
"Hey baby. Whas yo mathematics?"
"My what?"
"Your mathematics."
"Oh my number. No."
by ...<@!+Y March 26, 2007
An arcane discipline invented by the ancients to ensure full employment among pointy headed professors who lack social skills to enter or succeed in any of the social sciences, including spelling. The principal means by which this is achieved is to establish an extensive, cascading order of complexity, such that each class is offered only as a prerequisite to the next.
Mathematics is the language of tenure. Since university administrators invariably come from more serious disciplines, they could give a rat's what goes on in the math department, excepting, of course the math professors' occasional brush with the FBI and kiddy porn.

She: Why am I having to take all this goddamn math?

He: To help Dr. Goldbaum enjoy lap dances down at the truck stop.
by hoze-a March 25, 2007
Bullshit, nonsense, anything that doesn't make sense.
Get the hell outta my face with that mathematics
by badmanahooo July 27, 2005
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