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Going somewhere or doing something that would traditionally be considered a romantic or 'date-like' venue or event with someone who is a friend and you have no plans to be romantically involved with. Traditionally used to describe a female-male pairing
Tom and I had an awesome mate date, we went ice skating, went for dinner and had a stroll along the beach
by indierocknroller March 01, 2010
A date which consists only of sex, therefore starting and ending with mating. Also known as a one night stand.
Promiscuous guy: I need a real relationship...I'm tired of all these mate dates.
by Schnitterbit April 10, 2011
Something you would normally do with a girl but instead you do it high with your guy friends as no females are available.

(Being in the high state makes it not gay)
Hey bro she doesn't want to go to the movies shall we make it a mate date?
by GenisisII April 21, 2011
A gay romp between trraditionally straight men involving several members, generally taking place after a group outing with no females present.
The blink 182 concert was going to be this awesome mate date until Lauren had to interfere by coming into town...
by Pitt 3rd floor June 06, 2009
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