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Hottest, Gun-toting, tatted-down hardcore, seXXXy muthafuka EVER!
Did you see Masuimi on the cover of BMEzine this month? OMG she's so hot I wanna lick her!
by Freaky_Chicky February 06, 2004
65 19
Hottest girl ever!
When I saw a naked pic of Masuimi Max, I almost busted a nut.
by Dewey June 01, 2004
21 10
Super hot fetish model
Masuimi Max is like a damn Goddess or something. Those bitches in Maxim don't got shit on her!
by 420Chris420 February 25, 2004
31 21
Erotically Enhanced Fetish Lust
See Emily Marilyn and Dita Von Teese
by Carlisle Chrome April 25, 2004
15 7
1) Noun/ A singular entity of such high sexual intensity, that it attracts others whom cannot escape out of the lust horizon - analogous to the "black hole" in gravitational physics.

2) Adjective/ Nirvana, or the "reason for being" for certian articles of clothing made of latex, rubber, leather and PVC.
1/ Jim and Lisa just got sucked into that Masuimi.

2/ That PVC boot just reached a state of Masuimi.
by PVCMike July 22, 2004
14 8