Top Definition
To masturbate.
I'm gonna go home and have a right old fat masty
by Fanboy November 18, 2003
A shortened version of Masturbation
"What did you do last night?"
"I had a masty."
by Invaderzim44 March 26, 2010
Noun: the act of masturbation

Verb: to masturbate in the absence/or for the replacement of real sex (not to be used by those who are getting the real "nasty" because it's just not fair for them to be both entertaining and gettin' some)
Noun: I love to do the masty

Verb: I got all masty with myself last night and it was niiiiiicccceee....
by Bisco G August 16, 2009
Hypocrite Person who claims not to masturbate
I promise I don't masturbate. Bro, you fucking masty!
by KringleKraft January 21, 2016
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