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To masturbate until it hurts too much to continue doing so, and sometimes too much to do other activities.
Ted: Hey Bob, wanna play Twister?
Bob: Eh.. No I don't think so Ted, I just took a huge masturbeating last night.
#masturbate #pain #jackoff #orgasm #cum
by Kiku7 May 05, 2010
1. Masturbating to the beat of the music

2. Violently masturbating to the point of pain, or death.
1. Nick was masturbeating to skrillex for 7 hours yesterday! His dick must be beat xD

2. Sean died last night after masturbating for more than 3 days in a row. What a masterbeat!
#masturbeating #masturbate #justin bieber #master #beat
by panzerdude909 February 18, 2012
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