Literally the rapest song of all time, from the acclaimed Metallica album "Master of Puppets". The song features fast paced down-plucking, heavy riffs, and a complex and lightning fast solo. The lyrics of this song are the stuff of legend.
That was Master of Puppets my friend.
by The Last One Crouching May 27, 2010
The greatest Metallica song. From the "Master Of Puppets" album. James Hetfield says it's has many meanings. Most people say it's about drugs.
Metal head 1 - Master Of Puppets is the greatest song ever!
Metal head 2 - NO! Stairway to Heaven is!
by ZombiedDeath May 30, 2009
Metallica's third album. Said to be their greatest, it is in fact overrated by critics who know nothing. Any real fan will tell you great as it may be, it is by far inferior to 'Ride The Lightning' (Metallica's second album).
A: Ah, Master Of Puppets, a complete masterpiece, greatest of the Metallica albums...

B: You are obviously a Guitar Hero Fan. Anyone who liked metal before GH3 came out will tell you 'Ride The Lightning' is better.
by Subjesus August 17, 2010
the song is about DAVE MUSTAINES drug addiction. if you dont know who mustaine is, youre an idiot.

black sabbath created metal, metallica perfected it.
MetallicA was god
they are the metalligod that failed,
since they suck now
by MetallilbangeR April 05, 2005
Awsome song By Halocaust. Covered by metallica in one of the best metal albums ever, Master Of Puppets
Bob:Master Of Pupets is the best Metallica Song Ever!
Jim: It's A Halocaust cover, idiot
by Big Daddy Cane March 13, 2005

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