Mainly used on's The Flood forum, master race is used when, for example, a person is talking about how they love turkey sandwiches. Someone will say how something is better by using the term Master Race.
User 1: I love turkey sandwiches!

User 2: No, Ham Master Race!
by gregzillur August 16, 2011
Top Definition
People who play PC games on PCs that aren't made by Apple.

Enjoying popular, overrated games like new Call of Duty games (Modern Warfare), World of Warcraft or The Sims excludes one from Master Race.

A gamer who isn't part of the master race is called a peasant.
Enjoy your RRODs, kiddies, no online (and no games), wagglan shovelware, paying for DLC, no upgrades, controllers useless for RTS or FPS and having an useless toy, which only plays (bad) games. At the same time I will enjoy my infinite collection of great games, most of which are better than the sum of garbage you can play on your toys. It feels good being Master Race.
by Coolthulhu June 14, 2011
Usually associated with PC gamers, who get their video games off of steam. They say that he pc is better than any other console since it is more powerful hardware-wise. That is usually true, except that most parents don't want to spend $1,000+ on a computer for their kid to play video games. People who are part of this so called "pc master race," call console gamers, "console peasants." They spend most of their time bragging about the "master race" than actually playing games.

Something people don't know is that the term "master race," was originally used by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, as Hitler viewed the Aryan race as the "master race," and wanted all other races to die, if I am correct. This lead to the death of more than 5,000,000 Jews, and 1,000,000 million more people of other European ethnicities that no acknowledges.
Dear PC Master Race,
Do you know what happened when the last master race was being created? The leader commit suicide and they lost.

I'd also like to ask how much money you have to buy games after dropping 3,000 dollars on your gaming PC.
by Nobody here April 08, 2015
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