V- To masturbate, often with the aid of porn or in a circle of people masting. Usually accompanied with an "aww yehh!"
V- To ejaculate.

N- A single act of masturbation.
1- My friend and I like to watch each other mast and go "aww yeah!"

2- I masted all over her face last night.

3- I think I'm gonna get a mast in before class.
by TehH4x December 04, 2007
Top Definition
adjective (In HINDI) Meaning- of very good quality; super; cool; awesome etc.
It can also be spelt as Maaaast depending on the level of Coolness.

Hindi synonyms: Jhakkas

Mast movie hai! (Its a super movie)

by Sanyal Saahab January 17, 2008
A load of cum dried in pubic hair
I pulled down her pants and it was a mast!
by de1man September 23, 2010
(v)-short for masturbation.
Man look at those hot girls, mast mast mast...
by slippy February 04, 2005
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