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A small "village" town of around seven-thousand residents located twenty minutes outside St. Louis. It is considered a suburb of St. Louis, MO and a part of the Illinois Metro Bi-State area. Unlike other neighboring towns Maryville has nearly no differentiating races other than white supremeists directly stemming from their growing hatred of all other races, especially African-Americans. Having no high school of their own, students are forced to infect and leech off neighboring towns' schools where conflicts with the real world is first met for these adventuring pioneers and massive amounts of drama is the main result. To cope, these snobs fall back to one of their most basic of Maryville-unique instincts which is to drink heavily with local townsmen of all sorts including the local idiots, teachers and staff, their corrupted police force, etc.. To implement and these respected ideals, the "village" also deemed it necessary to hold an annual Maryville Home Coming event where everyone in the town is expected to stand outside all day and night and consume as much alcohol as possible. As a result, many drunken brawls occur and are heralded as "additional events" and crowds circle and enclose the brawlers until the mayhem is over. Afterwords, the brutes are told to go home until their drunkenness wears off unless they are seriously injured, either from the fighting or drinking. Depending on which school they choose to integrate themselves with, many poser-like attributes are sure to follow due to their lack of motivation even at fairly young ages. Due to their small population they are a fairly harmless speck of nothingness, even though they would choose to argue otherwise.
"Do you understand why I'm writing you this ticket for underage alcohol consumption and not those two over there?"
"Because they're from Maryville and I'm not?"
"Damn skippy."

"Oh God, the Maryville kids just arrived hide the booze!"
by MarkSchusky November 14, 2008
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