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A preppy and elitist public school system in Maryville, TN. It's the school where all the doctors' and lawyers' kids go, since they're apparently more important than everybody else. More money is spent on the kids there than the kids at Blount County Schools, who they look down on. And what's really tragic is that three-fourths of the teachers at Blount County send their kids to Maryville City, as if their own teaching isn't good enough. They walk around like kids at Maryville City Schools are so much more intelligent and cultured than the kids in Blount County, when in reality they're just as redneck and stupid as everyone else in East Tennessee.
Daughter: "Ugh, it's so unfair how many snow days Blount County gets compared to us!"
Mother: "It might seem that way sweetie, but just think how many valuable days of learning they're missing out on! There's a reason why Maryville City Schools are better at everything!"
Mother: "Yeah, you're right Mom, they're just a bunch of rednecks."
by callmecrazy16 December 29, 2012

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