One of My many disciples. After I rose from the dead, We married and moved to France, where We had children. Our progeny continues today.

Mary was also the first Pope of the Catholic Church, and was not a prostitute but a wealthy fisherwoman. (Peter was more of a secular leader than a spiritual one, the role that Mary Magdalene filled.) The story of the sinful woman at Simon's house was somehow interspersed with the life of Mary Magdalene.
Read the Gnostic books of the Bible, like the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, for the complete story.
by Black Jesus March 28, 2005
Top Definition
A sexual act. The MM requires that the partner with long hair be on top of the other so that the head of the partner with the hair is over the others feet. This necessitates some variation of reverse cowgirl and should be done with care since the partner on top will be using their hands, which would normally be supporting themselves, to use their hair to wash the feet of the other partner with sensual oils or motion lotion.
Jesus: "Wow! My mind is still blown. She put the Mary Magdalene on me last night."

John: "Really? What kind of oil did she use? I'll bet your feet are still really clean and soft."

Jesus: "I think she used olive oil. Whatever. It was the bomb yo!"
by W!cKeD July 31, 2009
woman disciple of Jesus.. was a sinner until she repented and became a saint.. if someones a "mary magdalene" theyr a bad girl/ rebel. french: marie magdalene spanish: maria magdalena. hot name, dont deny
girl #1: i cheated on the pre cal test!!
girls #2 and 3: ahah your such a mary magdalene!
by anonymoussss June 18, 2005
A street term referring to MDMA powder. Also known as Mary, Mary Mags, Mary Maggers.
1: "Dude, I met Mary Magdalene last night... it was out of this world."
2: "This rave is gonna be sick, definitely on the Mary tonight!"
by Bringer of Mary August 05, 2011
When after recieving a "rusty nail" during anal sex, the man uses his girlfriends long hair to wipe the shit off his cock.
I fucked her asshole hard, and when I pulled my cock out it was covered with shit so I gave her a Mary Magdalene and wiped it off with her hair.
by $$Bill May 02, 2010
Somehow connected to Jesus, Cydonia (on Mars) and the Egyptian pyramids.
Mary Magdalene on Mars? WTF? Just wait and see..
by jim May 01, 2005
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