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Another way of writing marveling, or marvelyn, or marvel
by LandySimon November 04, 2012
A charming girl who will go out of her way to get what she wants . Very sneaky and quite . A Marvelin is the type of girl who any guy will die to have , she is as faithful as can be . She is sweet and loving and very fun to be around . But be careful if you ever decide to hurt a Marvelin , that is something you will regret for the rest of your life . She will not rest until she makes you pay in some type of way. A Marvelin likes to feel loved , they don't ever like to be alone .

Also look at Marv.
He broke her heart and now she's making him pay , she's such a Marvelin .
by alisonn g November 07, 2011
The sweetest most cruelest girl you'll ever meet .
Has a huge heart and is always smiling .
A Marvelin will make you feel special , she is a faithful person and will try her best to keep her partner happy . But be careful , Marvelin's are not ones to mess with , break their hearts and you will forever regret it .

Known to be : Cute , adorable , sneaky , flirts , cruel , kind , happy , and very affectionate
She's so sweet , she's such a marvelin .
by alisonn g November 07, 2011
Every guy's dream girl . She's sweet , funny , laid back and will play xbox with you anytime you ask. Any guy would be lucky to be dating a Marvelin . She will make you feel like no other , and will always show you how much she loves you . Anyone will envy someone who is dating a Marvelin .
Marvelin is the most amazing girlfriend ever , i wouldnt ask for anyone else .
by georgia r November 07, 2011
Any guy's dream girl .

So sweet and caring , yet passionate and crazy .
Marvelin was super passionate in bed last night . I will never forget her.
by georgia r November 07, 2011