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The sexiest man alive. Has a sexi body and gets all ladys. Has a HUUGGEEE dick and knows how to use it.
That "Martino" has one HUGE dick and knows how to use it :-D!!!
by Doc. M October 05, 2010
the act of incorporating a scientific term/notion into an everyday conversation.
Guy 1: "Bruh- I bet the Earth makes fun of the other planets for not having any life."
Guy 2: "uhh..."
Guy 1: "#Martino."
by butyoureugly June 18, 2014
A woman that uses her hands too much while speaking.
A woman who plays with her moustache.
Look at Martino, she's been plucking those moustache hairs for hours!
by Chubby Hughes January 21, 2011