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When one decides to sleep with his sister in law, later to divorce his wife to marry what at one time was his sister in law and make his ex wife his current sister in law
Priest: "And Jim do you vow not to go behind Marcy's back and be a Martin Brodeur"
Jim: "I Do"
by Deviled Eggs May 24, 2011
The best goaltender in the NHL today, having won two Vezina trophies and three Stanley Cups with the New Jersey Devils. Severely pisses off fans of the Philadelphia Flyers since he almost always beats them.
I hate Martin Brodeur because that bastard is too good and always shuts down the Flyers.
by Dewey June 15, 2004
The Best Goalie in the NHL. In the near future will break all the records ever set. Marty doesnt have to rely on the butterfly technique he is the most creative and skilled goalie the world has seen yet. He makes amazing saves using his instincts and his guts not a textbook technique. Every year he leads the new jersey devils to the playoffs and new jersey always destroys the rest of the teams in the Atlantic Division. Martin Brodeur is a true Canadian and makes this country proud.
Rangers and Islanders cant even compete with the New Jersey Devils when Martin Brodeur is in net
by HockeyCanada January 29, 2007
Amazing Goalie for the New Jersey Devils who is simply amazing. Has quick reflexes and an spectacular glove hand.
Martin Brodeur just brodeur'd the leafs last night 3-0.
by Noose15 December 16, 2008
One of the most overrated NHL goaltenders of all time. Though he has great reflexes and makes some outstanding saves, he is the worst NHL goalie fundementally. He has the worst Butterfly in the NHL. In the 05-06 season, fans got to see his real side, without an unbelievable defense in front of him he was just an average goalie.
Martin Brodeur needs to go back to the basics.
by Goalieman296 August 15, 2006
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