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Martim is a gay dog that likes it up the ass... He howls when anybody plays One Direction and then pisses on someones legs to later remind him to hump it.
Martim is obsessed with cookies and although he has a very small penis he smiles all day.The legend says he once tried to lick a girl's underarm but we shall never know the truth.
Martim's are always gay, so never call your dog Martim if you don't want homosexual behaviour around your house as it can easily spread to your children.... BEWARE OF MARTIM!!!!!!
Martim: Can I Woof You?
Dude: Well depends, what's your name?
Martim: Martim
Dude: Wow... I heard Martim's were gay man...
Martim: True. Do you want me to lick your asshole or not?!
Dude: If you must...
by John Romenstein April 14, 2013

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