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Go out to a bar load up on as much drinking and smoking as you can while you're sick. Arrive at your friend's/cousin's/ sister's house after partying and have them pick you up some fast food. Fall asleep on the living room floor while your friend and his girlfriend sleep on the couch next to you. After a few hours the mixture of cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and having the flu will be mixed together. Wake up! run to the bathroom with your mouth and asshole ready to fire ! leave the door wide open and start puking into the toilet. After the first five minutes start shitting and blowing ass as well. if you do this right you will wake up everyone in the house with the sounds of pissing out of your asshole and mouth.
My grandparents let me stay at their house last night do to the fact I was drunk as fuck. When I woke up grandma said I pulled a Marshy last night.
by wakeskater89 February 17, 2011
When a gay person is obsessed with a non-gay male, the non-gay male is a Marshy.
C'mon Marshy, be honest we're tighter than a nun's Viginia.
by February 08, 2015
pertaining to homosexuality
yo, that was so marshy
by nettsu May 09, 2007
A really great person.
Marshy is a really great person
by MrAnonymity December 03, 2003
A person who is a loser. Characteristics may include being a tryhard, someone who can't pick up girls, sexually confused, and may hold a heavy reliance on using the internet to make friends.
Person 1: Man, I havent had sex in 4 years.

Person 2: LOL Marshy

Person 1: Yeah, I must be gay.
by Pancho1 September 23, 2007
Naturally born as a ginger, a Marshy is the type of person people do not like the presense of. With an intimmdating hieght, a Marshy does not accept tomfoolary. Also they have a tendancy to fool about with their male friends...another reason why they are not accepted.
"i hate it when MARSHY is around"
"he has to be a MARSHY...he is proper wierd"
by Nick Yue August 24, 2007
Yo dizzle Im marsh commonly known as marshy, I own all yall(no im not from the south). This name is known throughout school for the scetchiness that the person who owns it has (me)... just thought all should known the true origin of this word SHIZZLE
Look its Marshy, wtf i ratted him out, im gonna die (dan powers)
by !n|gGaTiM? November 13, 2003

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