A sexual foreplay act where a chick shoves a guys' face between her breasts and shakes it a little.
Oh yeah, we were marshmallowing last night and then things really got hot!
by Curious Georgina February 18, 2010
Top Definition
When you cannot get an erection but shove your cock inside the vagina or anus any way to have sex.
I was so drunk I was just marshmallowing her.
by Taverna scotiatoastie January 07, 2016
Making out with someone and they happen to bite your lips and tongue, constantly. The consistent chewing can lead to numb lips and tongues.
me: last night, oh the marshmallowing!
her: ohjeez, did he really bite you that much?!
me: lets just say, my lips are still numb.
by summersesh December 30, 2009
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